This course is a step by step, how to guide on opening and starting any type of business wether its an online business or brick and mortar. This course will teach you, why you should, "Start with why?" It will teach you how to legally set up your business entity, get your EIN, find trusted advisors and create your marketing plan.

Learn the basics of creating a business plan, the basics of advertising and hiring the right team. Each student will also receive a sample business plan so that creating your own is that much easier! You will also learn the basis of operations and get some referrals that come with years of experience.

If you are looking to open a business you don't want to do it without taking this course!

About This Course

Snoop, Serial Entrepreneur

Self-made Serial Entrepreneur, Mychel “Snoop” Dillard defines what it means to fail your way to success. Since 2008, Snoop has earned her title of serial entrepreneur—one who comes up with an idea, gets the company started, then goes on to a new venture– by gaining real-world experience on how to start, operate and manage profitable businesses. Snoop continues to lead the way by breaking barriers in male-dominated industries, such as entertainment and tech, while setting a new standard for future generations of female entrepreneurs.

Today, Snoop is well-known for her nightlife ventures, The Hookah Hideaway, opened in summer 2014, Two Escobar Restaurant and Tapas locations, a joint venture with 2 Chainz, opened in winter 2016, Members Only Restaurant and Lounge and Crave in Little 5 Points. Snoop founded Girl Talk, an online dating app for women, in 2015, and continues to work with her development team to create the best technology for users. In 2020, Snoop continues to expand her brand by offering business consulting for those who are serious about their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Fear, doubt, and failure are among the many reason businesses fail, and people quit. But, Snoop believes overcoming obstacles in life is the best tool for success. highlights the recent achievements of Snoop, while documenting her journey with the world.

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